Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is a thutt?

Hello workout fans!
Starting this week, we're showcasing workouts for particular body parts and/or problem areas that we (and our colleagues) want to target. Up first - Sonya and I ask Gigi Filer to help us blast our thutts. What is a thutt, you ask? "Thutt is a word that has been developed to describe the area where the thigh meets the butt," Gigi says with a grin, "it's your thutt!"

Right off the bat, Gigi wants to make it clear that you cannot "spot train" a specific part of your body. However, it is possible to improve the look of you thutt (or anything else) with hard work in *all areas of your life. "I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen who are trying to lose in that one area," explains Gigi, "you cannot do it without being mindful of what you're putting into your body and how you're fueling it." This isn't earth-shattering news, but we still don't like hearing it. How much food, and what kind of food we're putting in our bodies makes a big difference. Another big component is cardio... if you're not doing enough, all of the sculpting moves in the world won't make a difference in your appearance.

Back to our area of concern - the thutt. We're interested in shrinking it, firming it up and giving it more definition and Gigi says we need to work specific muscles - primarily the glutes, hamstrings and hip extensors. The first exercise takes a basic step-up to the extreme. Lots of risers under a step mean it doesn't take long for us to feel this move right where we want to. It's important to move slow, maintain proper posture and keep momentum out of this move.

Next, Gigi comes at us with kids' toys! Super small moves with plastic balls add up to serious work for the thutt. "It's not a huge range of motion we're looking at here," she says, "it's all about form and targeting those key muscle groups." Those muscles are burning by the time Gigi is done with us and we're realizing that shaping the thutt is no small task.

If you want Gigi to help you get fit - check out her new location downtown at 1312 Locust. You can also call 515-279-0242 or email gigi@gigispilatesstudio.com.

Keep tuning in to "Workout of the Week" in the coming weeks and months - we take our colleagues requests to trainers around the metro and also show you some of our friends' favorite workouts.


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